About Sport and Recreation Spatial


Sport and Recreation Spatial has developed a range of commercial research projects:

  • Sport and Recreation Studies. Analysis of sport and recreation data at a national, state and local community level, for planning and development by government and the sport and recreation development
  • Sport Retention Studies. Analysis for major sports of continuing participants and those who have dropped out. This includes participation trends, demographics, barriers and facilitators, analysed by geographical location. This is vital information to guide recruitment and development strategies to gain, maintain and retain players and members.
  • Community Profiles. Analysis and benchmarking of LGAs in relation to a range of indicators including: demographics, health, education and physical activity and sport participation and facilities. This is vital for community strategic planning in sport and recreation.
  • Sports Facility Forcasting. Analysis of sports facility requirements/provision both now and into the future. This is vital for facility infrastructure planning and development and to maximise participation in sport.   
  • Social Return on Investment. Analysis of the economic, health and social benefits of participation in sport and its return on investment value.
  • Geographical Information System. Sport and Recreation Spatial provides a national geographical information system (GIS) for presenting spatial data relevant to all levels of the sport and recreation sector. 
  • Consulting Services. Sport and Recreation Spatial is available to take consulting briefes involving sport and recreation, and the interaction of participation and facilities provision with health outcomes.
  • Database Development. Sport and Recreation Spatial has strength in developing, creating and monitoring database systems in sport and recreation. These assist organisations to quantify their mission and vision and underpin strategic planning and solutions with a strong evidence base.



Project Partners and Clients

The organisations that have either partnered or been clients of this research include national and state sport, recreation, health, government and university organisations.

  • Sport Australia
  • Sport and Recreation Victoria
  • Federation University Australia
  • The Mitchell Institute
  • The Australian Health Promotion Collaboration
  • Australian Football League Victoria
  • Tennis Australia
  • Cricket Australia
  • Bowls Victoria 
  • Football Federation Victoria
  • Netball Victoria
  • Sailing Victoria
  • Swimming Victoria
  • VicHealth
  • Vicsport
  • Victoria University
  • Basketball Victoria
  • Cricket Victoria
  • Hockey Victoria
  • Tennis Victoria
  • Golf Victoria
  • Gymnastics Victoria
  • Brimbank City Council
  • Ballarat City Council
  • Latrobe City Council
  • Golden Plains Shire


Opportunities for participation

There are opportunities for other organisations within the sport and recreation sector, including both industry and research based organisations, to become involved.