The Mitchell Institute

Physical Activity, Sport, and Health in the City of Brimbank

There are many determinants influencing participation in leisure-time physical activity. This report incorporates indicators that relate to demographics, health and physical activity and sport participation. For a copy of the report see: Physical Activity, Sport and Health in the City of Brimbank


  • Overweight and obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Child development vulnerability
  • Psychological distress


  • New Settler Arrivals
  • Overseas born
  • Low English proficiency
  • Volunteering
  • Post-secondary education qualifications
  • Relative socio-economic advantage and disadvantage

Physical activity and sport participation

  • Meeting physical activity guidelines
  • Time spent sitting
  • Leisure-time physical activity
  • Organised leisure-time physical activity
  • Club-based leisure-time physical activity
  • Regular leisure-time physical activity
  • Regular health-enhancing leisure-time physical activity
  • Health-enhancing leisure-time physical activity in the past two weeks
  • Sport participation
  • Sport participation – by age ranges
  • Sport coaching
  • Sports facilities
  • Sports playing fields and courts